How long will it take to tune my piano?

  - If your piano has been tuned within the last year or so, most tunings take about 75 to 90 minutes.  Minor repairs are also usually included in this time frame.  Pitch raising and more complicated repairs will take longer, and further charges will be applied.

Do you move pianos?

  - Piano care has professional piano movers that we contract with to move our pianos.  We will refer you to them if you have a piano to move.  We do not advise our customers to attempt to move their own piano.

How do I take care of my piano's finish?

  - Click HERE to learn how to properly clean and care for your piano.

Why do some of the keys not play on my piano?

  - There are more moving parts in a piano action than there are in a car.  These parts have to be able to move freely and not be broken.  Many times the answer might be as simple as something has fallen into the piano and is stuck between two or more of these moving parts.  Don't panic!  Contact us and we will help you evaluate the situation.  Also, this maybe an excellent time to have your piano serviced.

How do I find a good piano teacher?

  - Take a look at a few of these places that we recommend

How do humidity changes affect my piano?

  - Your piano is made primarily of wood, a versatile and beautiful material ideal for piano construction. However, being made of wood, your piano is greatly affected by humidity. Seasonal and even daily changes in humidity cause wood parts to swell and shrink, affecting tuning stability and touch. Extreme swings in humidity can eventually cause wood to crack and glue joints to fail.  To read more, click HERE.

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