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Emmett Daudelin R.P.T. is a Registered Piano Technician since 1980.  He began his tuning career here in Atlanta in 1976 after completing a course in piano technology at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL.  Emmett and his wife Cindy started Piano Care in 1990.

He developed his skills and became the head technician at a major piano store here in Atlanta and is a field technician for Kawai America Corporation. He has recieved training with Steinway,Yamaha, Baldwin, Bösendorfer, Schimmel, Ibach, Bechstein, as well as many other pianos that are manufactured today.  Although Emmett is a highly sought after technician, he is gladly accepting new clients to his Piano Care family.

Emmett Daudelin Piano Tuner
Emmett Daudelin

Piano Tuning

Piano tuning involves adjusting the tension of the piano's strings to produce the proper pitch for each note.  There are over 200 strings in a modern piano.  To learn more about tuning, click here

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Regulating, Voicing, Repairs, Action Reconditioning

REGULATING - Pianos require periodic servicing called regulation, which attends to the mechanical parts which cause strings to sound when keys are played and affect the sound through use of the pedals.

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VOICING  - is the adjustment of a piano's tone or quality of sound. Tone can be changed without affecting the pitch.

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RECONDITIONING - Reconditioning is the process of putting a piano back in good condition by cleaning, repairing, and adjusting for best performance with parts replacement only where necessary.

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My Piano Finder

A resource for those considering buying or selling a piano.  We provide this service which involves a seller setting up a service appointment to prepare their piano for sale.  Following the service we will place your piano here to be viewed by potential buyers looking to buy a used piano.

We will market your piano on the Web. We will also contact piano teachers and other customers that would be potential buyers for your piano.

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